Satellite Petrochemical

Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Co. Ltd (stock code: 002648, stock abbreviation: Satellite Petrochemical) is the largest acrylic acid and acrylates manufacturers in China and top five in the world. It’s also the first private listed company who hold C3 industrial production chain from propane as feedstock to downstream products. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and logistics. The products cover from propylene, polypropylene, acrylic acid, glacial acrylic acid to acrylates monomers, polymer emulsion and super absorbent resin (SAP)

Our head quarter is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. With the advantages of leading production technology, full industrial chain, refined management and geography, Satellite Petrochemical was honored as national high-tech technology enterprise, One the top 500 most competitive enterprise in Chinese petrochemical industries.

Vision and Strategy

Centenary STL, Outstanding Benchmark
We are growing stronger and larger driven by innovation in order to build a centenary enterprise. We shall keep advance with times, achieve the coexistence of responsibility & prosperity and integrate humanity and nature. Our goal is to become the benchmark of outstanding enterprise.

Focus on the integration development of
propylene and downstream.
We take the advantages of listed company platform and insists on the strategy of "industry + capital" to seeks cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises. We also promote the development of high growth and high value-added products in order to become the best diversified petrochemical enterprise focusing on technology and service in China.

Honor & Qualification


CNAS National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

Quality & Inspection Center of Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Co.,Ltd was recognized by CNAS National Laboratory


China Chemical Top 500

From 2002, China Chemical Top 500 was published every year


Zhejiang Provincial High-Tech Enterprise

The Zhejiang Provincial High-Tech Enterprise can enjoy 15% discount of income tax.


Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation

Satellite Petrochemical attach importance to the cultivation of talents and strives to create a beautiful life with employees.

Company Culture

“Three Attitudes and Three Dares”

Three Attitudes means that one should hold the pragmatic, committed and verified attitudes when working, in which,

Pragmaticattitudes require one should consider the details well when planning and carrying out any job

Committedattitudes require one should be able to performance duties and be responsible to results.

Verifiedattitudes require one should be diligent to verify and summarize jobs and be sure to get result and reach the aim.

Three Dares means that one should dare to say, to do and to take responsibility when working, in which:

Daring to saymeans that one should dare to talk straight proceeding from benefit of Satellite and don’t talk nonsense, abusive and doubletongued when working.

Daring to domeans that one should have courage and ability to settle down duties effectively and don’t just talk blank.

Dear to takeresponsibility means that one should keep promises to mission and duties and don’t evade and avoid questions and mistake

“Four Doings and Four Evaluations”

Through active doing to show your loyal, one’s value is evaluated based on achievements ;

Through capable doing to concentrate efforts, one’s success is evaluated based on team work contribution;

Through daring doing to require yourself, one’s honor is evaluated based on the individual worth.

Through productive doing to achieve effect, one’s development is evaluated based on effective management.


We are a diversified large scale petrochemical enterprise focusing on technology and services.

Zhejiang Satellite Energy Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Satellite Energy Co.,Ltd is wholly-owned by Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Co.,Ltd, located in Dushan Port District, Pinghu. It’s set up in April, 2011 and has an annual output of 450,000 tons of propylene, 300,000 tons of polypropylene (PP). With the registered investment of RMB 3.195 billion, which is the first company in China who use UOP propane dehydrogenation (PDH) technology.

Pinghu Petrochemial Co.,Ltd

Pinghu Petrochemial Co.,Ltd is wholly-owned by Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Co.,Ltd, located in Dushan Port District, Pinghu. It’s set up in September, 2012 and has an annual output of 320,000 tons of acrylic acid and 300,000 tons of acrylates, with the registered investment of RMB1.2 billion. 

Zhejiang Union Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Youlian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is wholly-owned by Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Co., Ltd. It’s set up in September, 2002 with registered investment of RMB 10 million. It can produce 2B acid, 2B sodium alginate, 2B oil and 4B acid, which are exported to East Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe.

Zhejiang Satellite New Material Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Satellite New Material Co., Ltd. (Satellite New Material) is a research and production company and mainly produce super absorbent resin (SAP) with total investment of RMB 1 billion. The design SAP capacity is 210,000 Mt/y. SAP is mainly used in sanitary products (diapers, sanitary napkins, pet gaskets, etc.), agricultural water conservation, medical and sanitation, rubber expansion, flood control projects. With the core concepts of “Unlimited Absorption, Comfortable Future”, Satellite New Material is committed to providing the best quality products and the most perfect service to customers! 

Lianyungang Petrochemical Co.,Ltd

Lianyungang Petrochemical Co., Ltd is located in one of the seven National –Level Petrochemical Industrial Bases -- Yuxin District, Lianyungang Port, Jiangsu Province. The company is constructing a light hydrocarbon comprehensive processing and utilization project with more than RMB30 billions of total investment and 3.2 million Mt/y total products in different phases. At the first phase, it contains 1.25 million Mt/y ethylene complex, 720, 000/ 910,000 Mt/y EO/EG unit, 500,000 Mt/y LDPE unit, 500,000 Mt/y styrene and 260,000 Mt/y acrylonitrile unit.

Adhering to the concept of “Dedicate Satellite Products to Create A Beautiful Life” and the mission of “Chemical makes life better”, the company uses global leading technology to build a sustainable and “Safe and Environmental Protection” industry park, in order to take the advantages of circular economy to build a modern park for clean energy and green chemical materials and achieve the dream of “Beautiful China”.