The 2nd Labor Skill Competition was held successfully

On September 28, with the conclusion of the laboratory preliminary practice competition, the second labor skill competition ended successfully. 

At 3 pm, the closing ceremony was held on the 3rd floor of the group laboratory building. Mr.Gao Jun, Vice president, Mr.Kou Liang, vice general manager of Pinghu Base, Mr. Lv Zhiping, general manager of Satellite Science and Technology,Mr. Zhu Weigang, vice general manager of Spinning business division, Mr. Xu Qilin, vice director of  Safety and Environmental Protection Center attended the meeting. The closing ceremony was presided over by the deputy director of the human resources administration, Ms. Bai Wei. Nearly 130 people who are in charge of each unit and the participating staffs attended the ceremony.

The closing ceremony is divided into three procedures. Through the PPT display on big screen, all the people in the room experienced the wonderful moments of 26 games. At the end of the review, the management announced the winners of each competition and presented awards. A total of 275 people participated in the contest, and 59 people were awarded the first, second and third prizes.

Finally, Mr. Gaojun made a conclusive speech. He said that competition are only the form of improving skills, and building a high-quality workforce is our ultimate goal. We will always work on the principle of "compacting management and strengthening implementation", and continuously deepen the construction of staff at the base level.