STL organized the fifth voluntary blood donation

Blood is precious, but more valuable is the love of caring for others.

On October 12, STL Fifth Voluntary Blood Donation was organized. Early in the morning, Ms. Yang Yuying, vice chairman and party secretary, took the lead in the activity. Employees from different departments also attended positively. After filling in the form, testing, blood donation and certification, 51 employees were successful to donate 16700ml of blood.

Ms. Huang Jianfang from auxiliary production department said: For the voluntary blood donation, everyone has the time to seek help, and hope that I can help someone through my donation. Zhou Xiaobing, from Satellite Science & Technology, said: there is no reason for voluntary blood donation. Just because of the love drive, I hope that through my donation, the people around me also can be drived to participate. Everyone gives a little love, society will be better.”

According to statistics, since 2013, there are total 387 employees participating blood donations, and donated nearly 130,000 ml blood. STL employees used the bright red of love to explain the love and responsibility to society.