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To consolidate the basic management and strengthen the management team, thoroughly implement awareness and discipline of STL organization. STL held an thematic training “Awareness and Discipline of Company Organization " on 8th October2017. Mr.Xu Lianlin, Vice President of the Jiaxing Municipal committee Party School, was invited to make the training. President Yang Weidong attended the training and delivered a speech. The management team and more than 160 employees attended the training.

President Xu Lianlin told the importance of awareness and discipline of organization in enterprise from the relationships between "enterprise development and enterprise culture", "organizational awareness and modern management", "organizational discipline and team building" and deeply elaborated STL organization concept and discipline system. President Xu firstly described the enterprise culture as a vital part of enterprise development through some management cases and data and talked about the culture based on the actual content of STL. Then, he expounded the awareness of organization through the concept of modern management, and explained the "four consciousness" of STL: cultural awareness, overall situation awareness, responsibility awareness; finally, the necessity of organizational discipline is highlighted by team building.

After the training session, president Yang made an important speech. He mentioned that this training is a promotion of cultural learning and a cultural mobilization, we should gradually extend the training of awareness and discipline of organization to the team leader and front-line staff, and constantly expand the popularization of corporate culture knowledge. Therefore we need to do: 1. Strengthen the awareness and discipline of organization in STL which is the requirement of adapting to new situations and carrying forward STL culture. 2. Strengthen the awareness and discipline of organization in STL are the important ways to gather strength and strengthen the management team.3. Strengthen the awareness and discipline of organization in STL is an important guarantee for building core competitiveness and promoting the sustainable development of STL.

President Yang also said that corporate culture is the source and foundation of sustainable competitive advantage, is the ability of an enterprise to be unique and difficult to copy and imitate, and is the key to growing the enterprise. As the organizer and leader of STL, management team should play an important role in culture building. Therefore, management members should be able to think and understand more after class, and integrate awareness and discipline of organization into work to enhance the effectiveness of enterprise culture construction. .