STL 2017 Autumn Sports Game ended

On the afternoon of Dec.10th, STL 2017 Autumn Sports Game was ended. A closing ceremony was held in Jiaxing Base, before which, there were three events: rope skipping, long-distance running and tug-of-war. Jumping rope and tug-of-war have been done in several years and has become a highly competitive game and deeply loved by the employees. The long distance race is resumed this year, which has been adjusted for 3 kilometers from the previous 5 km, and has also become a sport for employees' fitness test. The three races ended in more than three hours and then the closing ceremony and the medal ceremony were held.

Vice chairman Ms.Yang Yuying attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech. “This autumn sports game is conducive to enriching the life of STL staff, enhancing the physique of employees, collective sense of honor and team cohesion; The game also invigorate the spirit and stimulating the team. At the same time, the company not only provides a platform for staffs in sports, but also provides a bigger stage for the career of employees.