Mr.Wang Huizong, Vice Director and Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress Party, visited Satellite

On the afternoon of Apr.5, Mr. Wang Huizong, vice director and secretary of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, accompanied by Liu Dongsheng, director of National People's Congress, and Zhu Miao, party secretary of district committee, visited Satellite and met with president Yang Weidong, vice president Wang Manying and other management members. During the meeting, president Yang Weidong made a report on company's situation from the aspects of satellite development, enterprise culture, core competitiveness and future development planning. Mr. Wang Huizong listened carefully and fully affirmed the satellite's achievements in recent years and highly commended the company's professional development in C3 industry chain and the spirit of innovation and hard work in new and high technology fields such as SAP. Meanwhile, he stressed the importance of safety and environmental protection, highly agree with the concept of "safety is more important than profit" and "environmental protection as a product". He encouraged Satellite to do more work in all aspects to achieve a double harvest of economic and social benefits.