Satellite Petrochemical 2017 annual meeting was held

At 18:18, January 21th, 2017, Satellite Petrochemical 2017 annual meeting was held in Sun City Hotel. The company leaders together with more than 300 staff gathered to celebrate the coming of new year.

Different from the former form, this year's annual meeting will be conducted entirely in the form of a party. The seven shows are selected by various departments of the company, covering dance, songs, recitation and sketches.

The annual meeting officially kicked off after a spectacular light show. In the beginning, the lively and festive dance "happy land" brings us a pleasant surprise. The guitar next to it, "the brother sleeping on my bunk"; The dance "beautiful young girl" is full of youthful spirit, also is the company and the employee's vigor show; For more, the sketch "cell phone syndrome" is also thought-provoking. The violin solo is refreshing; The passionate poetry recitation of "concerted effort, altogether create brilliant" ushered in a burst of applause. And the finale of "the dream like blossom" was the climax of the evening.

After the performance, Mr. Yang Weidong, chairman of the group,made a New Year's speech. He said that the company got many performances under the common leadership of leaders and all members in 2016. In 2017, he hopes that all of us will continue to work hard and forge ahead, complete the target tasks of the company and push the company to a brighter and brighter future. Next, raffle and game interaction triggered a wave of waves. In particular, the new interactive form of WeChat "shake" led to the atmosphere of the party. The whole party was full of bright spots and climax, and the annual meeting ended with a song and smiles. 

The past 2016 has been an unforgettable year. There are difficulties, opportunities and breakthroughs. The company has received rich results. In the future, all Satellite staff will firmly complete 2017 various task and create a more beautiful tomorrow!