2016 Annual advanced recognition and 2017 work deployment conference was successfully convened

On February 5th, Satellite Petrochemical 2016 advanced recognition and 2017 work deployment conference was successfully convened at Report Hall, Daiqiao Town. The meeting was chaired by vice President Gao Jun. President Yang Weidong delivered an important speech. There are more than 300 people attending the meeting, including vice president Ma Guolin, vice CEO Wang Manying, vice CEO Gao Jun, vice CEO Shen Xiaowei, vice CEO Zhu Xiaodong, vice president Lu Weiwei. 

The first item on the agenda is the award of four 2016 optimization and improvement units. Later, vice President Shen Xiaowei read out the decision on 2017 advanced recognition and honored 45 outstanding team representatives and advanced individuals. The third agenda is to announce the appointment documents of the group of cadres of the year 2017 by vice chairman Ma Guolin, which confirmed the leadership and responsibilities of each unit in the New Year, appoint the deputy chief executive and take the oath ceremony. The new vice-president took the oath of office. Subsequently, the representatives of each department made statements, expounded specific work measures to the company and promised to work hard to achieve 2017 work task and goal.

Finally, the chairman of Yang Weidong issued the important speech. In his speech, he pointed out company makes clear the responsibility of each management cadre in the management position, and strives to cultivate and build a team that recognizes satellite culture, like-minded, motivated and capable. According to the goals and task of 2017, he mentioned four requirements: First, we should unify our thoughts and work together to ensure that the production and business objectives are implemented. Second, we should focus on the key points and make full use of the key, and fully organize and implement "compaction management and enforcement. Third, We will work hard to ensure the effective implementation of "compaction management and enforcement". Finally he stressed out that the company should achieve various tasks and goal all year round with more firm confidence, uplifting spirit, good enthusiasm and solid work to promote the career well development. 

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