Satellite Petrochemical First Quarter Party Member Conference Held

On March 31, the first quarter of the satellite petrochemical party meeting was held in the training room on the third floor of the acrylic acid laboratory. The meeting was presided over by Hu Xiaolong, deputy secretary of the party committee, and Yang Yuying, secretary of the party committee, made an important speech. More than 90 party members attended the meeting.

The meeting adjusted the list of the 2018 branch, and arranged the 2018 annual party building work and put forward new requirements: First, improve the management of WeChat group, second, complete the commitment of party members in 2018, and third, actively participate in the study of the air party school. All the party members then learned the important spirit of the "two sessions."

Finally, Yang Yuying, secretary of the party committee, made an important speech. She mentioned that the spirit of the two sessions and the important speech of General Secretary Xi are the guiding indicators of party members' ideology in the new era. It is especially important for party members to learn and implement them. At the same time, theoretical study is for work practice. Foundation, how to combine the spirit of the two associations to do our work is the key, and put forward four requirements for the party building work in 2018: First, do not forget the initial heart, bear in mind the mission, do a good job of safety and environmental protection; Second, strive to create a learning party Organize and strengthen ideological and political construction; third, strengthen the building of party organizations and maintain the vitality and vitality of the party; fourth, carry out thematic activities in depth and strengthen the team building of party members.

At the end of the meeting, all party members faced a common oath of the party flag, revisited the oath of entering the party, and once again showed their initial intention and mission.